Hotel Arkadia

Our activities in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear guests,

For the sake of your safety, we have introduced a number of preventive measures to minimise the risk associated with the coronavirus:

  1. Dispensers with hand disinfectant were placed on the hotel premises.
  2. In the check-in area, there is a 2m space between the Guests.
  3. Employees are required to disinfect their hands and their work stations.
  4. Public toilets, elevator, accessible areas, handles, handrails, light switches, etc. are regularly disinfected.
  5. Our employees use protective measures: masks or visors, disposable gloves.
  6. The rooms are cleaned on request with detailed disinfection and airing of the rooms.
  7. At the hotel reception desk there is a contactless thermometer, which can be used at the request of the Guest or in case of suspicion of increased temperature.
  8. A room (equipped with disinfectant and personal protective equipment) has been designated and prepared on the premises of the hotel, in which a person can be temporarily isolated in the event of symptoms.
  9. Hotel breakfasts are served.
  10. It is absolutely forbidden to stay in a hotel room for people who are not registered.

We hope that the procedures introduced will provide you with the comfort of relaxation and a sense of safety in our hotel.

You're welcome,

Management and staff of Hotel Arkadia

Polish Tourism Organisation Certificate